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Dog poop bags 800 piece Red DepoDog

(Item no.: 7203-800)
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Dog poop bags 800 pieces red from DepoDog

The red dog poop bag from DepoDog is widely used in clearing the dog poop. The poop bag has no handles and is slightly less thick than the green poop bags from DepoDog. Yet this is a nice dog poop bag to use because of the dimensions of the poop bag; not too big-not too small. You can easily take the poop bag in your jacket pocket or tie it to the dog leash.

On behalf of all people in your area; Thank you for cleaning up your dog's dog droppings. Clean streets, parks and beaches; we are all happy with it. Thanks to you.

Advantages DepoDog poop bags

- Opaque
- Good dimensions
- Can be used with one hand, the dog therefore remains on a leash.

How do you use DepoDog poop bags?

The dog owner uses it eco-friendly pouch as a kind of glove and collects the droppings. Thanks to the handles, the pouch can be closed easily and odor-free and placed in the waste bin.



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€ 25,00 *
Price per 800 bags
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