Since 1995, DepoDog has been the best-known and largest supplier of dog waste bins and dog poop bags in the Netherlands.

DepoDog was founded in Amersfoort by Jan Willem Helms to meet the needs of municipalities and recreation parks to offer a dog poop bag to each dog owner. Together with dog owners, naturally also a dog owner, he has developed the most famous poop bag; DepoDog The Original.
This poo bag is extra thick, has convenient handles for buttoning and is also opaque.
This way the content remains odor-free and invisible. And that is very nice.

The DepoDog, the waste bin with bag dispenser, and the DepoDog Junior, the compact dispenser, are also products from DepoDog.

On behalf of all your neighbors, thank you for cleaning up.
Very much walking pleasure.

Jan Willem and Joyce