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Dog waste bags 2400 pcs. red from DepoDog

(Item no.: 7203-2400)
€ 69,00*
Price per 2400 dog poop bags
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DepoDog 2400 Red Dog Poopbags.

If you order 2400 red poop bags then you have at least the cheapest choice. And you can probably use the poop bags for years, because pooping is not very special for dogs 3 times a day. Did you know that a dog poops an average of 75 kilos per year? On average, so a dachshund is significantly less than a Danish Dog but then still. So that is a click full of dog droppings! If no one would clean up the dog shit, it would become a mess. But you want to clean up and we are grateful for that.

Advantages DepoDog red dog poop bag

- Easy to carry
- Opaque
- Good size
- Can be used with one hand, the dog stays on a leash.

Not for nothing the DepoDog poop bag is the most used in the removal of dog poop.

How do you use DepoDog poop bags?

The dog owner uses it eco-friendly pouch as a kind of glove and collects the droppings. Thanks to the handles, the pouch can be closed easily and odor-free and placed in the waste bin.



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€ 69,00 *
Price per 2400 dog poop bags
Quantity: Order
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