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Buy dog waste bags

Dog droppings, an annoyance for everyone.

But fortunately the dog poop is cleaned up more and more.
You may not always notice it, but also the people who do not clean up the dog shit also get the dog shit under the shoe. And then you immediately see the effect of not cleaning up the dog poop. 

Dog poop bags, which?

DepoDog poop bags are most commonly used to clean up the dog poop. But why? The DepoDog pouches are extra thick, opaque and have handy handles. This way you can clean up the poop without feeling, seeing or smelling. Thanks to the rods you can close the poop bag odor-free. In addition, you can easily tie the dog poop bag to the dog leash. This way you always have a poop bag with you. You can buy dog ​​waste bags from DepoDog here. We sell them in the numbers 800, 1600 or 2400. And if you have used the poop bags, you can dispose of them in the dog poop (DepoDog) or in the garbage bags.

Municipality, Camping or Recreation Park? And looking for a dog waste bin, bag dispenser or signal board? click here
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